Want to play Maxfield’s?


How do I play at Maxfield’s?

We’re always looking for local original talent. Please submit your band information using the form below and we’ll be in touch.  We do not accept mailed submissions, phone calls or Facebook messages about booking. We typically book out for the year in advanced and work from the database on our website.

Do I need to bring a P.A.?

We are a small room with good acoustics and our P.A. provides clear amplification to fill the space. We provide microphones, cables, Ampeg bass amp, guitar amp and drums. If you have special sound needs, let us know and we can usually make it work.

What is next after we have a date?

Promote your show at Maxfield’s to get people out to see you! Send us flyers, put the show out there on all your social media and email lists. Word of mouth is still the best so tell all your friends. We create flyers displayed the week before the show. Send us any high res images you would like us to use on the flyer. We also promote on our website, social media and email mailing list.


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